Assigning Cabin and Crew

Assigning Cabin and Crew #

Now that you’ve set up cabins and hired staff, it’s time to assign them to your aircraft.

In the Operations tab, click on Fleet Management and pick the fleet that your aircraft is assigned to. Right now, this will probably be the default fleet which all of your purchased and leased aircraft are added to.

Assigning Seating and Crew

Next, select the aircraft in question. This opens an Actions window in which you can specify cabin and crew. You can simultaneously assign one cabin configuration to several aircraft of the same model variant. Again, this does not apply to cargo machines.

Under Crew Assignment, you may find that No Action is selected, which indicates that the cockpit crew has already been assigned. Keep in mind that you can hire pilots manually, but cabin crews will be recruited automatically if needed.

Just like with cabins, you can perform actions related to crews for multiple aircraft at the same time. Please note that without a linked cabin configuration, it is not possible to assign a cabin crew.