Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption #

Fuel isn’t cheap. As in-game fuel follows real world prices, it’s gradually getting more expensive. Every dollar you pay for fuel reduces your profit, so it’s important to use the right plane for the right route.

Fuel Graph (Markets and Exchanges page)

In the game, the two main factors regarding fuel consumption are fuel per flight and fuel per kilometer.

The fuel per flight (or per cycle) is used for taxiing, take-off, climbing to cruise altitude and landing. The fuel per kilometer covers the distance between the airports as long as that distance is less than the minimum range of the plane - flying further means carrying (and using) more fuel and transporting less passengers.

Let’s say that one plane needs 1,000 liters of fuel per cycle and 5 liters per kilometer, while another plane requires 2,000 liters per cycle and 3 liters per kilometer. In that case, the first plane will be cheaper if the distance is less than 500 km, but the second plane will be more profitable on longer routes. If you use the Aircraft Type Evaluation tool, make sure you check multiple destinations!