Online Reservation System

Online Reservation System #

As one of the game’s core features, the Online Reservation System (ORS) generates a multitude of daily connections and distributes passengers between the players’ flights.

Searching for Connections

Flights are put into the ORS three days before they take off. Let’s say you activate a flight plan on Monday morning and the first flight is scheduled to take off at 11 o’clock. In that case, you’ll have to wait until 11 o’clock before your first flight appears on the flight list. If you activated your flight plan with a three day delay, it won’t appear until Thursday morning.

After that, new flights will be added to the list as time progresses. One flight at the time, and always three days ahead. Every airport calculates its passenger demand once a day (you can find the specific time on the airport’s information page under Demand Calculation). When that happens, your flight will be compared to the other available flights and passengers will book tickets.

Daily Demand Calculation

If you activate your flight schedule without a delay, passengers will only have one day to book your first flight. If you activate it with a three day delay, your flight will be checked three consecutive days, so passengers have three days to book tickets. On an average route, your flight will gradually fill up over the three days. On a very busy route, a plane may well be fully booked after one day. If there is little demand, your plane may still be half empty after three days.

When the ORS checks your flight, it balances seats, on-board service, terminals and the image of your airline against the price. This value for money ratio decides the rating of your flight. A high rating means that passengers will prefer your flight. A low rating means they will prefer to fly with your competitors (if their rating is higher).

In the ORS, the rating is represented through green bars (the exact value can be revealed by hovering over them), which makes it a handy tool to keep track of your flight performance.