Wright (historic game world)

General information

This game world plays through the time span of 1990 to 2002. The time progression is accelatrated, so that four weeks of real time equal one year of time advancement in-game. The standard game routine still runs in real time, though (as on other game worlds).

The time progression affects aircraft availability and ageing and thereby maintencance ccosts.

Aircraft types

We have only included start or end years for aircraft production, if the are in the relevant 1990 to 2002 time frame.

CodeAircraft typeStartEnd
AB6Airbus A300-600
ABYAirbus A300-600F
AB6Airbus A300-600R
AB6Airbus A300-600R HGW
ABYAirbus A300-600RF
313Airbus A310-300
313Airbus A310-300ET
31YAirbus A310-300F
318Airbus A318-100 light2002
318Airbus A318-100 heavy2001
319Airbus A319-100 light1999
319Airbus A319-100 medium1999
319Airbus A319-100 heavy1999
319Airbus A319-100 high density1999
320Airbus A320-200 light
320Airbus A320-200 medium
320Airbus A320-200 heavy1999
321Airbus A321-100 standard19932000
321Airbus A321-100 heavy19932000
321Airbus A321-200 standard1999
321Airbus A321-200 heavy2001
332Airbus A330-2001997
333Airbus A330-3001992
333Airbus A330-300X1999
342Airbus A340-20019931996
343Airbus A340-3001992
343Airbus A340-300X1996
346Airbus A340-6002002
AN6Antonov AN-321992
AN3Antonov AN-38-1001998
AN3Antonov AN-38K1998
AN7Antonov AN-74T-2001992
AN7Antonov AN-74TK-200 Convertible1992
A4FAntonov AN-124
A40Antonov AN-140A2002
YN2AVIC II / Harbin Y-12 IV Twin Panda
YN7AVIC II / XIAN Y-7-100A1999
YN7AVIC II / XIAN Y-7-2002000
MA6AVIC II / MA-602001
AT3ATR 42-3001997
AT3ATR 42-300QC1995
ATFATR 42-300F1995
AT3ATR 42-3201995
AT5ATR 42-5001995
ATFATR 42-500F1998
AT7ATR 72-2101997
ATFATR 72-210F1997
AT7ATR 72-5001996
ATFATR 72-500F1999
J32BAE Jetstream 321997
J41BAE Jetstream 4119921998
ATFBAE ATP Freighter1995
141BAE 146-1001990
141BAE 146-100QT1990
142BAE 146-2001993
14FBAE 146-200QT1993
143BAE 146-3001993
143BAE 146-300LR1993
14FBAE 146-300QT1991
AR7Avro Regionaljet RJ7019921996
AR8Avro Regionaljet RJ8519932000
AR1Avro Regionaljet RJ10019932000
717Boeing 717-200 BGW1998
717Boeing 717-200 HGW1998
735Boeing 737-500 BGW1999
735Boeing 737-500 HGW1999
733Boeing 737-300 BGW1999
733Boeing 737-300 HGW1999
73YBoeing 737-300QC1999
73YBoeing 737-300F1999
734Boeing 737-400 BGW1999
734Boeing 737-400 HGW1999
736Boeing 737-600 BGW1998
736Boeing 737-600 HGW1998
73GBoeing 737-700 BGW1998
73GBoeing 737-700 HGW1998
73WBoeing 737-700 HGW (winglets)1998
73GBoeing 737-700C1998
738Boeing 737-800 BGW1998
738Boeing 737-800 HGW1998
73HBoeing 737-800 HGW (winglets)1998
739Boeing 737-900 BGW20012003
739Boeing 737-900 HGW20012003
744Boeing 747-4002008
744Boeing 747-400 Domestic19912008
744Boeing 747-400ER20022008
74EBoeing 747-400M2008
74YBoeing 747-400F2008
74YBoeing 747-400ERF20022008
752Boeing 757-2002003
752Boeing 757-200 IGW2003
752Boeing 757-200ER2003
75FBoeing 757-200PF/SF2003
753Boeing 757-30019992003
75TBoeing 757-300 (winglets)19992003
762Boeing 767-200ER
763Boeing 767-3002000
763Boeing 767-300ER
76YBoeing 767-300F
764Boeing 767-400ER2000
772Boeing 777-20019942013
772Boeing 777-200ER1997
773Boeing 777-3001998
DH1DHC Dash 8-100A1994
DH1DHC Dash 8-100B
DH2DHC Dash 8-200A1995
DH2DHC Dash 8-200B1996
DH3DHC Dash 8-300A2001
DH3DHC Dash 8-300B1992
DH3DHC Dash 8-300B LR1994
DH4DHC Dash 8-400A1998
DH4DHC Dash 8-400B2001
CR1Bombardier CRJ 100ER19932000
CR1Bombardier CRJ 100LR19921999
CR2Bombardier CRJ 200ER1993
CR2Bombardier CRJ 200LR1995
CR7Bombardier CRJ 7002000
CR7Bombardier CRJ 700ER1999
CR7Bombardier CRJ 700LR2000
CR9Bombardier CRJ 9002002
CR9Bombardier CRJ 900ER2002
CR9Bombardier CRJ 900LR2002
BNIBritten-Norman BN-2B-26 Islander
BNIBritten-Norman BN-2T Turbine-Islander
BNTBritten-Norman BN-2A Trislander1996
CS5Casa CN-2351992
CNCCessna 208A Caravan2001
CNCCessna 208B Grand Caravan
CNCCessna 208B Super Cargomaster
EM2Embraer EMB-120RT Brasilia1991
EM2Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia2001
EM2Embraer EMB-120ER Cargo2001
ER3Embraer ERJ-135ER1999
ER3Embraer ERJ-135LR1999
ERDEmbraer ERJ-140ER2001
ERDEmbraer ERJ-140LR2001
ER4Embraer ERJ-145ER1996
ER4Embraer ERJ-145LR1998
ER4Embraer ERJ-145XR2002
SWMFairchild Metro III1992
SWFFairchild Metro Expediter / III - Freighter1992
SWMFairchild Metro 2319922001
D28Fairchild Dornier 228-1001990
D28Fairchild Dornier 228-2001999
D2FFairchild Dornier 228-200F1999
D38Fairchild Dornier 328-12019931999
FRJFairchild Dornier 328JET1999
F50Fokker 501996
F50Fokker 50 HGW19931997
F70Fokker 7019941997
100Fokker 100 BGW1993
100Fokker 100 IGW19881996
100Fokker 100 HGW19931996
I14Ilyushin IL-1141999
I14Ilyushin IL-114T1999
IL6Ilyushin IL-62M1993
IL7Ilyushin IL-76TD1997
ILWIlyushin IL-861997
IL9Ilyushin IL-96-300
M81McDonnell Douglas MD-811994
M82McDonnell Douglas MD-821997
M83McDonnell Douglas MD-831999
M87McDonnell Douglas MD-871992
M88McDonnell Douglas MD-881997
M90McDonnell Douglas MD-9019952000
M90McDonnell Douglas MD-90ER19961998
M11McDonnell Douglas MD-111998
M11McDonnell Douglas MD-11ER1998
M1MMcDonnell Douglas MD-11Combi19911992
M1FMcDonnell Douglas MD-11CF19941995
M1FMcDonnell Douglas MD-11F2001
PL2Pilatus PC-121997
PL2Pilatus PC-12 Mixed1994
PL2Pilatus PC-12 Cargo1994
A28PZL / Antonov AN-28-Skytruck
SF3Saab 340B1994
SF3Saab 340B Plus19941999
S20Saab 200019941999
TU5Tupolev TU-154M
T20Tupolev TU-204-1001995
T20Tupolev TU-204-100C1995
T20Tupolev TU-204-1201997
T20Tupolev TU-204-120C1997
T21Tupolev TU-2141996
T21Tupolev TU-214C1996
YK2Yakovlev YAK-42D1996