Game rules

AirlineSim is an aviation-related, strategic online business simulation, built to entertain and play against other real life players. Each player is doing this in their spare time, to be entertained and to compete with other players in a fair and friendly competition.

General Rules

1 Introduction

1.1 Definitions In Context of the Rules AirlineSim website - All areas of the website ending in, this includes forums, game worlds, private messages and in-game message. Account - The account/username set up on joining. Holding - Your primary company in a game world, this will define your traffic rights. Enterprise - Subsidiary of a holding. Holiday Replacement - A user allows another user to access their account for the purposes of looking after it while unavailable

1.2 Breach Of Rules (ie. Cheating) Any player in breach of the rules laid out below may be punished. Punishments can, but are not limited to, removal of in game resources (cash, aircraft, equity etc), removal of accounts, or banning from game worlds.

1.3 Player Conduct Throughout and at all times on the AirlineSim website, players shall be respecting of all other players. Each player shall respect all others religions, countries, ethnicities, genders and cultures without prejudice. Every player shall interact in a friendly and constructive manner. Insults, threats and abusive language against other players are expressly forbidden.

1.4 Hard Coding Although every effort has been made to hard code rules into the system (ie. It is against the rules, and the game has been coded to make it technically impossible to break), some rules may not be hard coded. Just because the game allows it, does not mean it is not against the rules. Included and additional (non-coded) rules are listed below and both shall be respected.

1.5 Bug Abuse All players shall be moral and honest. If a player discovers a bug, or opportunity to cheat, they must inform the AirlineSim Team via email Players knowingly found to be taking advantage of a bug to gain an unfair or undesired advantage will be considered to be in Breach of Rules.

1.6 Game World-specific Rules Due to the setup and uniqueness of some game worlds, some rules will only be applicable for certain game worlds. These rules will marked as such. All other rules are unlimited (ie. applicable to all game worlds).

2 Account, Holding & Enterprise 2.1 Multiple Accounts Players shall not set up and/or operate multiple accounts. Multi-accounting for any reason is completely forbidden.

2.2 Dummy Holdings AirlineSim is an Airline simulation game, and not an investment simulation game. Running a non-flying holding, or a holding with grossly limited expansion, with the sole purpose of providing another holding/player traffic rights that they would not normally have, is prohibited. Leasing and handling subsidiaries are permitted, however thy are not permitted if providing traffic rights to another holding or player.

2.3 Multiple Holdings Only applies to game worlds allowing more than one holding per account.

In some game worlds, a single player may control more than one holding, however co-operation between multiple holdings is expressly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to:

Stock Market Deals (Including IPOs) Providing Services (Renting out terminal space etc.) Buying, Storing, Leasing & Selling Aircraft Purchasing and/or leasing aircraft with the purpose of transferring them between multiple holdings is prohibited. Sales and/or leasing of aircraft within the same holding is allowed.

2.4 In-Game Advantages Use of real world money to provide your account, holding(s) or enterprise(s) with an economic advantage in game that you would not normally have is forbidden.

2.5 IP Sharing Cooperation between two accounts that share a single IP is expressly forbidden, especially if one of the accounts, or one of its holdings, gains an economic advantage.

2.6 Holiday Replacement Holiday replacement is permitted however it must be announced on the AirlineSim forum / English / General / Holiday Replacement. The post must include both usernames (yourself and who will be playing on your behalf), server, account, as well as start and end dates. The maximum period you can have a Holiday Replacement is 28 days. After which point you are not allowed another replacement.

During holiday replacement the replacement may not trade shares or planes between their own holding and the holding they are looking after.

3 Game Play 3.1 Fair Competition Every player has the right to fair competition. All activities your holding is involved in should be with the intention of making a profit. Running a holding or enterprise with the sole intention of damaging other companies, or bullying other players is forbidden.

3.2 Resource Blocking In-game resources such as landing slots, used aircraft etc. are limited, therefore acquiring them for no other reason than to prevent other player(s) from using them is prohibited. This particularly concerns, but is not limited to, blocking of airport slots with dummy aircraft (ie. No crew, no seats), or whereby the aircraft is scheduled in such a way where cancellations will occur.

3.3 Unrealistic Flights Within the Same City Applies to all game worlds except Devau.

Flights within certain same city/metropolis area pairs are forbidden. For example, a flight between New York JFK to New York Newark (EWR) is forbidden. For a complete list of intra-city connections see the list here.

3.4 Price Dumping Ticket prices must be at least the same as the direct cost, it is prohibited to price tickets lower than this. Direct costs include: Handling (Passenger, Cargo, Aircraft), Catering, Fuel, ATC Charges and Landing Fees.

Company Naming Rules

At AirlineSim, we strive for an authentic and realistic gaming experience. We ask our players to support us in achieving this goal by choosing appropriate names for their holdings and enterprises within the game.

The naming rules are split into two parts:

Rules: These are strict rules that will be enforced by AirlineSim staff. Guidelines: These are recommendations that are supposed to help you picking a fitting name but are not strictly enforced. Rules The usage of the following names is prohibited:

Names of former and existing real-world airlines. This also includes very similar names.

Example: Hamburg Intl. (Hamburg International exists) or Air Egypt (Egypt Air exists) Exceptions: the name consists of words which are in regular use (particularly geographical terms) and the name is combined with other words like “Air Northern France” or “Indian International Airlines”. Tip: Use Google to look up your desired airline name. When there are no similar results on the first page, the name should usually be fine. Public Names

Example: “Federal Republic of Germany”, “Army Aviation” or “Frankfurt” Illegal Names

Example: Racist, race baiting names or names and symbols otherwise prohibited by law When illegal names are used, we reserve the right to exclude the respective user from the game immediately and without prior warning. Offensive Names

Example: Pornographic or sexist names We reserve the right to change names without explanation or entirely remove businesses due to their choice of name. Usually, our staff will get in touch with you to find an alternative name, though.

Guidelines AirlineSim wants to create a realistic and friendly gaming environment. Therefore, please note following guidelines and tips for choosing your airline name:

Try to find a name for your airline which could, at least in theory, also be used in reality. Avoid names of existing brands, especially if they are registered in the transport or tourism sector. Use correct spelling. We reserve the right to correct misspelled names. Avoid names which are similar to existing companies of other players in the same game world. Avoid silly/gibberish names, abbreviations or deterministic composite names (such as GermanInternationalOutOfFrankfurtOnlyToSouthernItalyAirlines). Consider the language of the home country of your business when choosing a name and avoid the mixing of different languages.