Exclusive game worlds

AirlineSim was created for use with public game worlds, but due to popular demand we’re also offering individual game worlds.

However, as the game wasn’t originally intended for this kind of use, an exclusive game world is identical to a public one on the technical level. As a result, the same possibilities for customization as well as the same restrictions apply and settings are being managed by our support staff.

What is an exclusive game world?

By default, an exclusive game world allows for a maximum of 25 accounts which are specified by its owner and approved by our support staff. The number of holdings on each game world is not limited, the world’s configuration is up to its owner’s wishes. Our support can provide any amount of money to any airline on the game world, e.g. to allow for a faster start.

What exactly can I configure?

The following configurations are set by our support according to your wishes:

  • Nighttime bans on/off

  • Ground networks on/off

  • Single/Double slots

  • Initial public offerings on/off

  • Dynamic turnaround times on/off

  • Availability of aircraft (all / only contemporary)

  • Selection of aircraft types on the game world

  • Start with/without used aircraft

  • Global demand for passengers and cargo (1-100%)

  • List of countries open for foreign investment (also all, none)

  • Anti-Cheating restrictions on/off

For countries that allow for foreign investment, you can chose from the lists that are in use on public game worlds or alternatively make all or no countries at all avaiable for foreign investment.

With anti-cheating restrictions turned off, you are free to interact with own holdings (on the aircraft market, stock market or for interlinig contracts).

What about game rules?

We don’t supervise any rules on exclusive game worlds - the owner of a game world may do this to the extent they desire. We will not check naming, stock exchanges or the likes.

Since exclusive game worlds are identical to public ones, any hard-coded restrictions - e.g. pertaining to aircraft, stock exchange or multiple own holdings - cannot be lifted.

How much does is cost?

An exclusive game world is 360 EUR (including VAT) per 30 days. We require a non-refundable payment in advance for the first 90 days.

Where can I order my own game world?

You can place your order directly in account management.

If you have any more questions prior to your order, please contact us at support@airlinesime.aero.